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After exhaustive research, I have found the fabled "Recipe for Disaster:"

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The following was published in the Moscow Daily News this morning, Monday, June 10th.

After exhaustive research, I have found the fabled "Recipe for Disaster:"
1 part stubbornness
2 parts arrogance
5 parts corruption
4 parts cowardice

Season with lies and a generous helping of incompetence and you have the Idaho Legislature's homebrewed version of Obama Care - the State Health Care Exchange - or, if you will, Otter Care.

I added incompetence to the recipe because according to a press release by Butch Otter himself, Idaho is now going to turn over Idaho's so-called "free-market" solution to the federal government. Apparently, a state exchange was too complicated for our enlightened leadership to get right.

All the debate, all the posturing, all the arguments in favor of the State Health Care exchange are rendered worthless because of the collective incompetence and political corruption concentrated in the Idaho Legislature.

We could have stood with the 26 other states and refused to worship the beast. We could have stood with South Carolina, whose House of Representatives just last week passed a bill nullifying Obama Care in that state. Of course, we have yet to hear what the South Carolina Senate does, but with their governor and half of their legislature demonstrating that kind of courageous resolve, South Carolina citizens have some measure of defense against enslavement by the federal government.

Here are some possible answers as to how this inexcusable bungling could have happened: 1) We were lied to from the start, 2) the legislators who voted in favor are terribly incompetent and failed at their due diligence, or 3) they simply sold our freedom for campaign contributions. As for myself, I'll go for option 4 - all of the above. In more rational times, any of the above scenarios would have led to a shameful dismissal from public service.

During the legislative committee hearings at which I was present, all of the testimony in favor of the state exchange came from special interest groups and lobbyists including the insurance industry. Almost all opposing testimony came from private individuals. As a matter of record, Sen. Dan Schmidt received $5,050 from health and/or insurance related interest groups. In fact, Sen. Schmidt is in the top 15 legislators in receipt of health related special interest campaign contributions. Rep. Shirley Ringo followed at $500. Rep. Cindy Agidius, the only District 5 no-vote, received none.

Health Care exchanges are the first step in Obama's plan to nationalize, thereby destroying the private health care industry. In light of recent inappropriate, politically motivated activity by the IRS, those of us who stood firm in opposition to the implementation of Obama/Otter Care in Idaho can feel vindicated. How can anyone forget that Obama Care is slated to add 16,000 new IRS agents to monitor your health care decisions? As bad as the insurance nightmare is, one can only imagine just how bad it will be when the IRS takes over. How would you feel about having your request for surgery denied because you made a campaign contribution to a political candidate that an IRS agent didn't like?

This is not a partisan issue. It is about your right to choose the health care you want without government involvement. Supporting implementation of Obama/Otter Care in any manner is bad enough, but to exhibit this level of incompetence and/or corruption is simply insufferable. Any elected official, from the governor down, who supported this atrocity in Idaho should lose in the 2014 Primary to a challenger who vows to protect freedom and is competent enough to do it.

Ken De Vries
St. Maries