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Letter to the Editor - Come on people; We the People need YOU.

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Though I'm a newcomer to Idaho County, I feel like I belong here. I like the fierce independent nature of the people here, a liberty loving, self sufficient people that I aspire to be like. Idaho County is almost like one of the last strongholds of the American Spirit.

Mr. Obama just started his second term, he has taken a position of greater arrogance and an increasingly anti-American direction. There are those who proclaim that he is trying to become king of America. He certainly has taken on an Imperial stance in his dictates to the American people in the last month. The issue of the second amendment has been one of the touchstones of the populace dissatisfaction with his would be royal highness. It is arguably the one issue that will unite the people in open rebellion against our government.


The time is not yet, if YOU wake up. Rise up, not in arms, but in participation. We have a Constitutional Republic that still functions, and if YOU Citizens of Idaho County, If YOU Citizens of Idaho, and if each of YOU Citizens of the United States of America, leave your comfort zone, become informed, talk to your friends and neighbors, call and write your representatives. Our Elected officials will respond.

The voice of one, is virtually silent. The voice of us all, rings louder than a klaxxon in the ears of our elected officials . An elected official will not disregard the will of the people who elect him, if they continually let him know their will. Lobbyists give money, lobbyists flatter, lobbyists do what lobbyist do, but lobbyist don’t elect them. We the people do.

Are you ready to die to protect your family, your liberty, and this great nation? Are you willing to LIVE to do the same?

If it is too much effort to participate today, do you believe it will be easier to be part of a rebellion? A rebellion that would be unnecessary if we the people of the United States participate in the system we have. If a rebellion occurred, it is highly unlikely that we’d end up with a system like we inherited, for the American Revolution was blessed with great men, men of God, statesmen, men like George Washington. We dishonor their legacy; prove unworthy heirs when we can’t even get off our butts and get involved in the government they formed; the greatest system of government of all time, a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. It only works, if the people are involved.

If we the people will not get involved today, tomorrow we the people will bow down in submission to something, or someone else. It might be the great Obama, or it might be someone else. But this nation cannot survive the apathy of the people.

The time is now. If you put it off, there might not be another opportunity. Come on people; We the People need YOU.

Don Fletcher
Youth Chairman
Idaho County Republican Central Committee

This week, there are 3 opportunities to be involved. On Tuesday, and every 3rd tuesday of every month, the Idaho County Republican Central Committee meets at the Super 8 Motel in Grangeville. It is a public meeting, and visitors are welcome, and encouraged. Generally, no visitors show up.

On Saturday at noon, in front of the courthouse, there is a rally as part of the Nationwide .223 Day of Resistance. This is largely symbolic, but will give you the opportunity to learn about the issues, about the 31 bills currently in the US Congress that are attempting to infringe on our 2nd Amendment Rights.

Saturday Night, is the Idaho County Republican Central Committee's Annual Lincoln Day Dinner. Our own Sheriff Doug Giddings will be speaking on "Our Right to Bear Arms." This is one of the major fundraisers for the committee. Follow the Idaho County Republicans on facebook, or frequent the website at www.IdahoCountyRepublicanParty.org.

Every Tuesday the Commissioners meet at the Courthouse in Idaho County.

The First and Third Monday of every month, the Grangeville City Council Meets. 

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