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ICRCC | Minutes September 18, 2012

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Idaho County Republican Central Committee

September 18, 2012

Chairwoman Marge Arnzen called the September Meeting to order at 6:10. All recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll call was taken with 10 present. Minutes were approved as sent by e-mail.

Treasurers Report: Deanna Hall noted that we went in the hole $1,162.40 on the Meet and Greet. The treasury now has $5,354.00.

After much discussion, a motion was made and seconded that we place a check for $72 in the treasury. This money with stubs had come in late and was not included in the drawing for the gun.

The money for the ‘most gun sales’ was won by John Solburg. His wife Shirley had also won the $150 given away at the Meet and Greet. The Solberg’s wanted the money to go to the Mitt Romney campaign and so an extra $55 was added by others. The total to go to Romney will be $325.

It was noted that Obama 2016 is playing at the Blue Fox for a week. Some of those present had seen it, and urged all others to go view it.

We have RCC caps to be sold for $15 each. Marge has purchased 6 dozen. If some are sold on the internet they will be $15 plus shipping. Some may be sold at the District 7 meeting this coming Saturday which will be in Lewiston.

The District 7 Meeting on Sept. 22, has a full agenda and part of the business is the adoption of the Bylaws. There was discussion about the Bylaws as they have been written to mandate regular attendance or a person is out. The Central Committee felt conference call District 7 Meetings would be in good order, because gas is so costly, and more would and could participate.

Wayne Hoffman of the Idaho Freedom Foundation sent an e-mail with regard to Obama Care.

Marge passed out copies, of his communication. It was studied by the committee at our meeting. His goal is to draft a resolution which would go to the State Republican Central Committee. This then would go to the Legislature prior to the 2012 session.

There was much discussion about the schools issue “Students Come First”. There are three referendums. We discussed doing a Town Hall to help people became aware of this issue and have factual information prior to the election. Don Fletcher will write a letter which will go on our Republican Party Website. 

James Rockwell has consented to draft several well worded ads for the Republican Party to be submitted in local papers prior to the November election. He has successfully done this in the past.

Friday evening Sept. 21, there will be an ‘Overview of America’ held here at Super 8, at 7:00 p.m. For correct information call Pete Ketchum at 983-7552.

On October 6, The Tea Party sponsored, The Idaho 2 Summit will be held in Clarkston at the event center... It is an all-day event running from 9-4. It is hoped people will attend from Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana. These are normally well done. 

The question was asked how we make Meet and Greet better, in the future...


  • Forget Advertising (this Sept. we paid about $800 to area newspapers.)
  • Only 10 of the entire Central Committee attended. This is really poor!!!
  • We need committee attendance. And. . . . Only 10 of us have donated to
  • The $250 goal we put together for the Central Committee. The idea
  • was to find others if it was not personally possible to donate $250.
  • A suggestion was given of locating a local special beer or wine to raise
  • interest and attendance.
  • A different type of gun, maybe a handgun.
  • Forget trying to get the national guys, keep it local.
  • There was also discussion about issues. If we picked an issue people feel strongly about the attendance would also be better.
The meeting adjourned at 8:20.
Respectively Submitted,
Betty Alm
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