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Minutes | ICRCC June 2012

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The Republican Central committee Meeting began at 6:03 in the meeting room at Super 8 in Grangeville, Idaho. Present were were 20 committee members and 5 visitors.

The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance lead by Chairman Marge Arnzen.

The May minutes were read and corrected. The gun raffle is September 15 not Sept 19.

Marge gave the treasures report in the absence of Jolene Rupp. On hand is $3,954.16.

Correspondence: From Norm Semanko Chairman of the Idaho GOP. He thanked the Central Committee for the $1000 quota we had made.

New Business: After discussion it was decided we again set up a booth to sell tickets for the gun at Art in the Park on the 4th. Working in the booth will be Howard Donaldson and Becky Crea. The Central Committee will also have a float in the parade on the 4th.

Jim Chmelik is float chairman. Becky Crea will get it registered. It will be decorated in Bakers lot. We will need riders!

The group then began discussing how to share the Constitution Booklet. It was decided we will purchase 1000 at approximately 30 cents each, & hand them out during the parade on the 4th of July in Grangeville. These booklets will be distributed by Ray Farmer, Don Fletcher, John Menough and Howard Donaldson. We will place stickers in them saying Compliments of the Idaho County Republicans, donations may be sent to Box 623, Grangeville, Idaho.

Hard Candy will also once again be handed out during the 4th parade; Roy Farmer will try to get it donated.

Kooskia Parade: It will begin at 11:00 a.m., July 28th. Since Jim Chmelik is in charge of the 4th Parade Float, he will keep the float to be re-run in Kooskia on July 28. At this parade also we will have the Declaration of Independence read mid- way through the parade.

Further discussion lead to having the Declaration of Independence read at the Rodeo on the 4th. Eileen Uhlenkott will check on details. John Menough has volunteered to read it or Jim Chmelik would speak with Joe Schlister since Joe is in the military. Donna Wassmuth will follow up the desire to have it read at the Idaho County Fair. She is also in charge of the gun booth and parade. There was discussion about borrowing Jim Wolfingers PA system when the Declaration is read so people could hear it. Howard Donaldson will speak to Jim Wolfinger.

John Solberg and Jolene Rupp will organize having it read in Kamiah, during the parade. The Idaho State Republican Party Convention is in Twin Falls, this week beginning on the 21st. There was discussion about the business at the state convention. John Solberg said we are too late to write a resolution for this year. In the future we must start earlier. There was discussion about the unbridled actions of the EPA. Betty mentioned the tremendous information available at Heritage.com.

Chairman Marge again encouraged everyone to step up and promote the Membership Program. Four more were added Tuesday evening. Memberships are $250 each. Howard handed out tickets for the Gun Raffle, also distributed were posters advertising the gun raffle designed by Eileen Uhlenkott; individual committee members may add their name, as a contact person.

There is a worthwhile program titled Agenda 21 on the 21st at Super 8, supported by Pete Ketchum.

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