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Minutes | ICRCC May 2012

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Idaho County Republican Central Committee

Reorganization Meeting

May 23, 2012

The Republican Central Committee Meeting began at 6:03 in the County Commissioners Meeting Room at the Court House in Grangeville on May 23, 2012. There were 8 guests and 22 members of the committee present.

The meeting was opened with prayer lead by Lott Smith. Chairman Marge Arnzen announced that this is our Reorganization Meeting then continued by leading the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. 

The following new members were elected to the ID County Republican Central Committee on the May 15 Primary, they are;
Cottonwood #1 : Morris Seubert
Elk City : John Menough
Grangeville #5 : James Zehner
Harpster : Elroy Taylor
Lowell : Scott Swearington

Following were nominations for ICRCC officers, President, Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. All were elected by a unanimous ballot. Elected as President is Marge Arnzen; Vice Chairman Clay Baker; Secretary, Betty Alm; and Treasurer, Jolene Rupp, for terms of two years.

Also Elected were John Solberg as State Committeeman, and Eileen Uhlenkott as State Committeewoman and Youth Chairman, Don Fletcher.
The Keuterville Precinct is open and Jim Chemlik was appointed to fill this spot Then nominations were open for seven to serve as Delegates and seven to serve as alternates to the Idaho Republican Party Convention in Twin Falls, ID, June 21-23, 2012. Nominated are Joan Mider, John Solberg, Marge Arnzen, Eileen Uhlenkott, Elroy Taylor, clay Baker, Paul Shepherd, John Menough, Don Fletcher. Alternates are Shirley Solberg, Warren Stevens, Sally Baker, Skip Brandt, and Patricia Menough.

A vote by ballot was taken and the committee elected the following to attend the convention: Seven Delegates: Joan Mider, John Solberg, Paul Shepherd, Marge Arnzen, Elroy Taylor, Clay Baker, Eileen Uhlenkott. 

Seven Alternates: elected to attend are, Shirley Solberg, Skip Brandt, Patrician Menough, Warren Stevens, Sally Baker, John Menough, and Don Fletcher. 

The RCC treasures report: $4,204.16. The State quota for Idaho County is $ 2100. The State Party has offered a proposition to us. We could be paid up with $1000 donation. A motion was made that the Idaho County Republican Central Committee accepts the Proposition and we pay
$1,000 to the Idaho State Republican Party. This motion was accepted. This will allow our Representatives to attend the convention for $50 each.
Chairman Arnzen noted that the Republican Districts 6&7 Meeting and Regional Two Meetings will be held on Saturday May 26th in Lewiston, at the Community Center. The following counties are asked to attend, Idaho, Clearwater, Shoshone, Bonner, Nezperce, Lewis and Latah, The featured speaker is Bud Hayward, Author of How the West was Lost.

Information about our Idaho County Republican Central Committee Fund Raiser in progress was explained. Forms were distributed. To date 10 have made the $250 commitment. It was stressed that more need to find friends to support this effort. 

A new precinct has been added, it is called Slate Creek #2. We are hoping to fill this soon with a representation from this area.

The rifle plus case for the rifle was displayed by Howard Donaldson. This gun is paid for and tickets were distributed. They are to sell for $1.00 each. But if one purchases $10, they will be given 11 tickets or $20 given 22 up to $100 they will get an extra book. Jolene will keep track of the ticket numbers distributed. Howard has the tickets, keeping track of the numbers and sellers. The raffle will be held on Sept 18.

John Solberg suggested an incentive for committee members who wish to participate in gun sales could give $10 each, and the money will be put in a pot, and the person who sells the most will receive the money in the pot. Secretary Betty will hold these funds. There was $118 collected to this fund. (Someone owes $2 more but I cant remember who it is..BA.) 

The Fair in Idaho County will be Aug. 15-18 in Cottonwood, and Sept. 1 the Kamiah BBQ, also Boarder Days. We will need a presence at all three events.

Discussion followed on the Republican Platform to be addressed at the Convention.

  • Closed primaries
  • Stand your ground laws in self defense
  • No more ground to the federal government
  • EPA issues
  • Unfunded mandates to pay pensions when there is no money to pay.
  • Nullification

Commissioners Report

They agree with the Land Exchange issue. With the PILT Funding we are looking at no funds. 

The commissioners are trying to hold down costs in Idaho County. It boils down to this. In bold letters: We do not have enough tax bases to fund the county.

The next meeting will be June 19 at The Super 8 Motel meeting room in Grangeville at 6:00 p.m.

The meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.
Betty Alm

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