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ICRCC February Minutes

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Idaho County Republican Central Committee
February 17, 2015

The Idaho County Republican Central Committee meeting was called to order by Chairman Marge Arnzen at 6:04 p.m. in the Super 8 Motel Meeting Room in Grangeville, Idaho on February 17, 2015 with 13 out of 27 Central Committee members present. This did not constituted a quorum. Therefore no business could be conducted. There were also 3 visitors and one Commissioner.

A prayer was given by Scott Perrin and the pledge was recited.

The minutes were read. A motion by Eric Hook and 2nd by John Brandt.

On report on the Lincoln Day Dinner planning was given:

  • Kyle Music will be the auctioneer
  • There will be an ad in this week’s Free Press submitted by Becky
  • The Decorating Committee plans to start arranging the hall at 3:00 p.m. on Saturday
  • All Committee members are asked to bring sheet cookies for our dessert
  • More donations have been received:
    • Seubert Excavating will donate 12 yards of gravel
    • Small Butte will deliver the gravel
    • Joanne Mider will donate a Dave Barton DVD set
    • Scott Swearinger will donate a 4-night stay at Lewis Clarke Trail Cabins
    • Jennie Kuther will donate two cakes
    • These items are in addition to those reported in last month’s minutes
    • It is also expected that our Congressional/Legislative people will donate something

The Commissioners Report was given by Jim Chelmik:

  • Mark Frie is doing a good job. He is very thoughtful in his decisions
  • SRS and PILT are in jeopardy
  • Jim attended a meeting in Boise on lands and one on dredging. The dredging bill was sent to the floor of the house where is going through the amendment process. Jim expects that this bill will die there. If it does pass it will then go to the Senate.

Jim Chelmik also gave a report on his activities concerning the lands issue:

  • In 1961 John Kennedy asked us to put a man on the moon and we did it
  • In 1941 the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and by 1943 all necessary manufacturing was in production
  • Currently, Washington DC is not motivated to fix the lands issue
  • The state is, also, not motivated to fix the lands issue
  • Jim believes if we coordinate all the counties, they would get the lands issue fixed
  • The Environmentalists are motivated and organized
  • $500,000 is needed to be able to litigate against the environmentalists.
  • Jim had a meeting with the northern Idaho counties
  • Article 4 Section 4 guarantees a republican form of government
  • The west cannot compete with the 38 eastern states because they own their lands and they don’t care
  • We could sue on civil rights and economic prosperity
    • Russ Fulcher and Jim are working on a business plan.
    • It will be an LLC called Western Landmark Foundation.
    • They are looking for investors to educate businesses
    • Setting up a website
    • Would like investors in the amount of $60/year with a five year commitment to build a war chest big enough
    • They want to put together a ‘white paper’ but the cost is $400,000.
    • The Idaho Freedom Foundation is assisting them
    • Balanceduse.org, a 501c3 org in Montana, might be able to help
  • A Discussion followed

We received a Resolution from Kootenai County Republican Central Committee concerning bring HB65 to the house education committee but as there was no quorum we could not vote to endorse this resolution. So Scott Perrin was asked to rewrite the resolution to include something concerning the financial, to add “teeth” and to bring it to the March meeting.
Sherry, Paul and Shannon have a weekly call in meeting.
It is on Wednesdays at noon our time

  • The phone number is:
  • 886-789-8816
  • Access code: 4663778

The Northwest Liberty Academy:

  • Should we do a scholarship for this
  • Scot to chair committee
  • Elizabeth Hodge will be here for our March meeting

Adjourned at 7:35 p.m.
The next meeting will be on March 17th so wear your green or orange.

Respectfully submitted
Patricia Menough

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