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ICRCC November Minutes

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Idaho County Republican Central Committee
Out of November 18, 2014

The Idaho County Republican Central Committee meeting was called to order by Vice President Clay Baker at 6:05 p.m. in the Super 8 Motel Meeting Room in Grangeville, Idaho on November 18th 2014 with 15 out of 27 Central Committee members present. This constituted a quorum. There were also 13 visitors.

A prayer was given by George Casteel and the pledge was recited.

The minutes of the October 2014 meeting were read. There were no corrections. Deanna Hall made a motion to accept with a second by Thomas Igo. The minutes stand as read.

Clay Baker gave a review of the movie Blue that was shown at the October meeting and stated that it was very good and all should make an attempt to watch this movie.

A discussion followed concerning the election outcome and the various editorials/letters in the Free Press.

The Treasurers report.


  • A letter from the Secretary of State’s Office was received. We are being assessed a $50 fine for not filing a report. Deanna tried to contact them to show that she had sent the report prior to the deadline and was stonewalled. Clay Baker will contact and argue the point that we did send in this report prior to the deadline.
  • The Committee received a thank you note from Mark Frei for our campaign contribution.
  • A survey was rec’d from the Freedom Foundation. Clay will talk to Marge about filling out and returning this survey.

Old Business:

  • Mary Adler shared that Paul Shepherd and Sherry Nuxolls resolutions are being rewritten and will be presented ________________________
  • The right of a child to have natural parents – Sherry’s
  • Legal right requiring schools to provider Bible based courses if three or more students request them – Sherry’s
  • A resolution calling for the reinstatement of the marriage definition – Paul’s

New Business:

  • A discussion concerning the cancelling of the December Committee meeting. A motion was made by Donna Wassmuth and seconded by Deanna Hall. The motion carried. The December meeting is cancelled.
  • There will be a meeting by Sherry Nuxoll to give a report of her attendance at the National Pro Family Legislation Conference in Texas. This meeting will be on November 25th at 7:00 p.m. at the Super 8 Conference Room.
  • The Lincoln Day Dinner speakers were presented. We have a choice between Christ Troupis or Steve Yates. Christ would be speaking on Common Core – what to do now and Steve would be talking on Security. A discussion followed on the various choices. Jon Menough made a motion that we ask Christ Troupis and Mary seconded that motion. By a show of hands, the vote was 12 to 4 in favor of the motion.
  • There was a discussion of Scott Perrin’s essay that Marge Arnzen forwarded via email to Committee members. Scott stated he had sent a copy to Raul Labrador and is currently awaiting his response.

Commissioners Report

  • Skip thanked the Committee for its support.
  • Mark is currently in Moscow, ID attending a school on County Finances
  • DEQ has new regulations proposed for landfills. If these go through the cost to the County will go up. The regs concern garden waste.
  • The County Commissioners agreed to contribute to the Lands Council.
  • It does not make sense to sell our lands.
  • Doing so loses 95% of our revenue
  • Scott Perrin asked what the basis was for the new DEQ regs being suggested. Were they Toxicology based or concern for fish and water. And where can we find a copy to read
  • Jon Menough said that
  • the EPA drives all these things and
  • that the EPA is under orders by Congress to make new rules every five years.
  • Skip said we need to put pressure on the DEQ to keep these regs from becoming the law.
  • A discussion followed.

Guest Speaker:
Dan Proskine, a concerned American and businessman from Kamiah, spoke the origins of the Constitution.

A motion was made by Deanna Hall and seconded by Jon Menough to adjourn the meeting and the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

Happy Thanksgiving to all,
Respectfully Submitted by:
Patricia Menough

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