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ICRCC - Corrected Minutes for October 2014

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Idaho County Republican Central Committee
October 21, 2014

The Idaho County Republican Central Committee Meeting was called to order by Chairman Marge Arnzen at 6:10 p.m. in the Super 8 Motel Meeting Room in Grangeville, Idaho on October 21st with 13 out of 27 Central Committee members present. A quorum was present.

A prayer was given by Jon Menough and the pledge was recited.

A motion was made by Jon Menough and seconded by Deanna to accept the minutes of the September meeting. 

Mark Frei, candidate for County Commissioner, spoke.
He passed out rack cards
and asked for our support with letters to the editor.
He also has newspaper ads coming out soon.

James Rockwell spoke on Why Should We Vote Republican.

Scott Perrin spoke on the Lands issue.
He state he has studied on his own to learn this subject.
He asked why the ground is not producing revenue for our schools.
He also feels that the term ‘take back’ is the wrong term. It should be continued disposal of.
The Northwest Territory included Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin and promoted ‘equal footing’ via the Northwest Ordinance of 1787. 
The Louisiana Purchase and other purchases gave rise to the General Land Office.
The General Land Office via homestead act “gave” land to settlers to move west and farm. Everything went well until they got to the Rocky Mtns. You cannot farm the mountains.
Discussion followed.

There was discussion concerning ads place by the ICRCC in the Free Press.
A paper was passed out showing a comparison of Rep-vs-Dem
It was felt that our ads should reflect why you should vote Republican and not mention the Democrats
There were some objections to the current ad
James Zehner suggested a more liberal ad’
Ideas that were suggested:
Republicans support the right to bear arms
Something about the unborn child
The need to emphasize ‘what’ we will do-vs-stopping
Believe in private health care
James Rockwell said no to any mention of health care as it is a done deal
Freedom and Liberty
Bullet points stating “We Believe:
Patrick Adler suggested a sensitive issue that people can relate to and that hits home
Empathize faith, anti-abortion, role of government
The final idea is this:
Republican Position:
Less government
Less taxes
Less regulation
More freedom
Please vote Republican

A motion was made by Deanna and seconded by Doug and the meeting was adjourned at 7:37 p.m.

The movie “Blue” was shown after the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted by
Patricia Menough