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ICRCC Minutes November 2013

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Idaho County Republican Central Committee

November 19, 2013

The November meeting of the Idaho County Republican Central Committee was called to order at 6:10p.m. by Pres. Marge Arnzen at the Super 8 Meeting Room in Grangeville, Idaho.

Central Committee Member Judy LeCates, introduced guest speaker Elizabeth Allan Hodge. Elizabeth is the State Director for the Idaho Patriot Academy, Her objective is to teach students the proper role of government, impart the moral imperative of standing on principle over politics, and stress the signifance of Oath of Office.

The business meeting followed Elizabeth’s presentation. The minutes of the October meeting were approved as sent. Treasurer’s report showed a deposit of $75 from the Tea Party. We have a balance of $4,715.77.

A motion was made and carried to hold the Lincoln Day Dinner on March 8, 2014 at the Greencreek Community Hall. The hall rent is $250. The Cattlemen will be asked to cater the evening dinner. We will also have an auction with a limited number of items plus maybe a few dessert items as well. Marge will make the hall and speaker arrangements. It is suggested we get Wayne Hoffman of the Idaho Freedom Foundation to be speaker.

He will be asked to speak on Health Care.

There was discussion of the Central Committee supporting a student for the Patriot Academy. If a student registers by January 1 of 2014 the course cost is $400. Committee members generously donated $220 this evening toward to a kitty for the course. More funds maybe donated and the Central Committee will fill out the remainder needed.

Mary Adler gave an update on Common Core. In the last two weeks the Idaho State Dept. of Education has really been promoting Common Core. Once Legislators are educated on this program they begin to question it. It is Mary’s goal to speak to anyone about this sad program.

Jim Chmelik spoke on the Lands Issue. He feels it is making good headway. He wants it pushed hard in the Legislature in January. His goal is to return land from the Federal Government to the State of Idaho. To be better informed do visit americanlandscouncil.org. On Dec. 4, he will address the Legislature in Boise on "Where do you Stand on Transfer of Public Lands". Commissioner Chmelik noted there is not much news at present from the county.

Eileen Uhlenkott has resigned as the State Committee Woman. Betty Alm nominated Joann Mider to serve as State Committee Woman. The motion carried.

There was discussion of adding to the County Bylaws the possibility of an Alternate which would to fill in when committee members are not present. More discussion is needed.

We will meet in on December 17. We have a speaker coming from the Lands Department.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:45.

Betty Alm


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