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Minutes | ICRCC January 2013

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Idaho County Republican Central Committee

January 8, 2013

The January meeting of the Idaho County Republican Central committee was called to order by Chairman Marge Arnzen at 6:05 p.m. An opening prayer was given by Jim Chmelik. The Pledge was led by Marge.

Roll Call was taken with 18 present.

Treasurers Report by Dianna Hall shows a balance of $1,022.32 for the ICRCC.

Jim Chmelik gave a presentation on “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”. He has spent many hours studying this issue and found it very difficult to comprehend; this health care issue is horribly complicated.

Because of this he spoke on the ‘Federalism’ of this program. The United States is now $16 trillion in Debt. We will be horribly in debt if this is instituted, it is estimated that costs will double from what was first told.

As a state we can say no, and we need to be on the offense. Supreme Justice John Roberts’s written explanation leads us to have hope. To say no we need a solution and he suggests we adopt the “Fenwick Sugden Plan”. It would work because of its free market principles. We all need
to be involved and informed, and this leverage should involve inserting myself, my family,and State and National Organizations.

The first step we can take is to go to Boise on the Bus on January 20, returning on the 21 st. We will meet with the Legislators in two separate meetings. We will be picked up by bus at St. Peter and St. Paul Church parking lot. There are approximately 12 attending from the Central committee.  Time for departure from Grangeville, is yet to be determined. But will likely be early afternoon and we are to bring your own beverage and a sacks. Bring warm clothing, as we will be outdoors Monday morning. We individually need to send checks for $65 made out to LC Tea Party, by the 15th & to this address: LC Tea Party, 2211 Chukar Lane, Clarkston, WA 99403.

Don Fletcher and Eileen both attended the State Republican Party Meeting. Don met with the Resolutions Committee and Eileen attended the Rules Committee Meeting. 

Committee Reports: The Resolutions Committee drafted our (ID, County RCC) opposition to Obama Care, meeting their deadline goal and sending it to the state. There is a Resolution on In-State Health Care Exchange... It was not just our resolution that was adopted it was several from different counties and Regions put together

Activities Committee: As our activity...Jim Chmelik spoke this evening. It was determined that Idaho County Sheriff Doug Giddings would be the speaker for the Lincoln Day gathering. He will speak on “Gu[n] Rights.” The committee would like to hold the Lincoln Day Dinner at the Green
Creek Community Hall on Feb. 21. Jim C. will contact a caterer; costs likely will be $20 per person.

We will have an auction. There is a desire to attract the youth to our dinner; the idea of having a sponsored table for youth was suggested. Doug Giddings will contact some possible youth sponsors.  

Strategic Planning Committee noted we have a good core group on the Central Committee, but we need to inform and involve more people. Of course we need to raise funds, the 10th Amendment Center has a good fund-raising model, they suggest $25 per year, and or also $200 for either 3-5 years. and $1000 for life.

Also check out kickstart.com for other ideas.

Commissioners Report

Next week there will be a new commissioner chairman.

The transition of Dumpsters on the Prairie and Salmon River from Walco to Simmons was the big issue. Walco earlier insisted the
County put their service area out for bid and the Commissioners complied. The County received only two bids, Walco and Simmons, and Simmons had the winding bid. However it was for additional $190,000(annual) over what has been paid for solid waste service on the Salmon River and Prairie area.

This contract is the second contract Simmons has with the county. It was noted that three years ago in order to gain some control of dumpster abuse, the dumpsters were consolidated down on the Clearwater and the cost of that contract remained the same. So in order to try to control the
cost of County Garbage the Commissioners put together a dumpster consolidation committee which will meet in the next couple of weeks to determine the location of dumpsters on the prairie...

Our next meeting will be Feb. 19, at 6:00 p.m. at the Super 8 Motel in Grangeville.

Betty Alm

Visit our website at: www.IdahoCountyRepublicanParty.org

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