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Minutes | ICRCC October 16, 2012

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Idaho County Republican Central Committee

October 16, 2012

Chairwoman Marge Arnzen introduced Wayne Hoffman of the Idaho Freedom Foundation from Boise to speak about ObamaCare. He said Health Insurance Exchanges is the big problem right now. Wayne says there is a lot of Bureaucracy. He says we need to stop the implementation of it. On Oct. 26th the foundation will recommend to Governor Otter not to do the Health Insurance Exchanges. It cost 77 million to do the exchanges. He suggested our committee write our own resolution to stop State Health Insurance Exchanges. He believes it will collapse on itself. Also Medicaid expansion, there is no money for it. Wayne was asked what to do about the cost of health care? He said the Government needs to get out of Healthcare. And if large numbers of people show up in Boise at the time the discussion makes a big difference. You can go to Idaho Freedom.net to learn more.

Marge Arnzen called the meeting to order at 7:15. We recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll call, 13 were present .Becky read the minutes from last meeting. Minutes were approved with one correction. James Zehner made the motion, Clay Baker 2nd. It. Deanna had the treasurers report, $ 2.825.98 in checking. After the cost of the billboards was taken out.

Jim Chmelik will be bringing Ken Ivory President of the American Land Council, and a Utah State Legislator. He will be speaking at the Senior Citizen Center on Oct 27th at the annual Farm Bureau Meeting. He will speak about public land issues and the constitutional aspects of land ownership. If you want to attend, please call ahead at 208-983-2401.

Jim also would like people to write support letters to the area newspapers. He will E-mail addresses to Becky She will send them on. A land swap meeting will be Monday 22nd at Riggins 7:00 at Heritage Center And at Whitebird on 29th at IOOF Hall 7:00 pacific time.

A Candidate Forum will be at the Bakery in Kamiah the 25th at 6:00. Jim Chmelik stated he would be at these meeting.

We discussed our town hall meeting on the 17th , Marge would like us to show up an ask questions, come early to help set up.

In other business: Jim Chmelik e-mailed a letter out to the committee about Proposition 1, 2, 3. Jim read the letter aloud. After a little discusion , he will revise it to under 200 words. Marge called for a vote to have the committee sign and put in newspapers, John Menough made the motion to have the committee sign the letter and put in newspapers. Maurice Seubert 2nd it. And Don Fletcher will put it on our web site. And Sheryl Nuxoll e-mailed a letter to the Editor about the Proposition, 1, 2,3. She addresses the faults information out there and corrects each one. David Rauzie said keep them short.`

Don reported on the web site, it has reached 6.000 people and cost $22.00.

Marge brought up: our next meeting is Thanksgiving week and would we like to change it to the 13th. We all agreed.

Commissioners Report:

Skip Brandt reported the new web site host for the Commissioners it is Don Fletcher's Northwest Techworx. He replaces Wild Web West. And Sharon Cox retired from her position as Idaho Count Treasurer. The Commissioners had to pick a replacement. Joan Hall, Deanna Hall, and Amy Rose had signed up for the job. They had a very difficult job. They chose Deanna Hall.

Skip also reported on the solid waste bids. The contract is up every 10 years. Simion’s put a bid at$77.000 and Walco’s bid is $87.000. The cost now is $61,000 a month. It sounds like our garbage rates will be going up. Simion bid doesn’t have the fuel charges figured in yet.

Skip reported the Forest Service Revision plan meetings, are starting on the 26th in the evening and 27th daytime and the 28th in the morning. The meeting will be at the Best Western Motel in Orofino. Skip would like a lot of people to show up it makes an impact, and Saturday is the best day to go.

Our Committee will write a resolution on the Health Care Exchanges, and send it to Governor’s Office by next month.

Our meeting adjourned at 8:30

Respectively Submitted

Rebecca Crea

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