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Minutes (19)

There was no quorum so no business could be conducted - again - at the March meeting.
Please put April's meeting on your calendar. We need to have a quorum so we can conduct the business that needs done.
April 21st @ 6:00 p.m.
Patricia Menough

Idaho County Republican Central Committee
February 17, 2015

The Idaho County Republican Central Committee meeting was called to order by Chairman Marge Arnzen at 6:04 p.m. in the Super 8 Motel Meeting Room in Grangeville, Idaho on February 17, 2015 with 13 out of 27 Central Committee members present. This did not constituted a quorum. Therefore no business could be conducted. There were also 3 visitors and one Commissioner.

A prayer was given by Scott Perrin and the pledge was recited.

The minutes were read. A motion by Eric Hook and 2nd by John Brandt.

Idaho County Republican Central Committee

January 20, 2015


The Idaho County Republican Central Committee meeting was called to order by Chairman Marge Arnzen at 6:05 p.m. in the Super 8 Motel Meeting Room in Grangeville, Idaho on January 20, 2015 with 17 out of 27 Central Committee members present. This constituted a quorum. There were also 6 visitors.

A prayer was given by George Casteel and the pledge was recited.

A thank you was voiced to Deanna Hall, Skip Brandt, Mark Frei and James Zehner and James Rockwell for their service to the County.

A dessert was provided by Becky Crea and Betty Alm.

The minutes of the November 2014 meeting were read. There was one correction. The minutes were approved by voice vote as read. Correspondence was received from Ted and Wendy Lyndsley for the basket sent as a thank you for the use of the Super 8 conference room without charge.

The upcoming Lincoln Day Dinner was discussed as follows:

  • Will be held on February 28th at Greencreek

  • Nancy Arnzen will cater again this year

  • Christ Troupis will be our guest speaker

  • Times were set as follows:

    • 5:00 p.m. – Social

    • 6:00 p.m. – Dinner and Auction

    • 7:00 p.m. – Guest Speaker

  • Paul Anderberg will be asked to be the Master of Ceremonies. Marge called later to say he had accepted.

  • Tickets will be prepared and printed by the Menough’s

  • Theme will be: Education – what do we do now>

  • Cost will be the same as last year

  • Decorations Committee will consist of Scott Perin, Sally and Clay Baker and any others that can help decorate the hall on the 28th

    • We need some new decorations as the old ones are beginning to wear out

    • Sally Baker will look into getting more

  • The Bar will have Beer and Wine only. This is due to licensing requirements. Becky and Brendan Crea and Nick Arnzen will handle

  • Auction

    • Peaks to Prairie will donate a tree

    • The Hangout will donate a quilt

    • Donna Wassmuth will donate a print of John Wayne

    • Leeann Callaer will also donate two prints

    • Erick Hook will donate an item

    • Other items as procured

  • Invites need to be sent to all government officials from the Governor on down (Marge called later to ask that our Congressional members be included). Patricia Menough will handle.

  • Desserts: Committee members are asked to bring bar cookies

  • Printed program: Betty Alm




Clay Baker gave a report of the fine we rec’d for not filing a report on time. He said he called them and told them the date and number and how Deanna had been given the run around for a number and that we were not paying any fines. We have not heard anything since.

The survey rec’d from the Freedom Foundation is still being worked on.

The outcome of the resolutions that were being presented by our legislative reps to the State Central Committee are as follows:

  • Paul Shepherd decided to take his to the legislature personally

  • Sherry Nuxoll’s resolution on the right of a child to have natural parents was tabled and her resolution of schools being required to provide Bible based course if requested was not discussed.


Jon Menough gave a report of the Central Committee Meeting held in Boise on Jan 9th and 10th.

Of the proposed rule changes submitted, the Rules Committee sent three (3) rule changes to the floor. All three (3) passed:

  1. Changed the rule to make certain the current edition of Roberts Rules are used

  2. Clarified who were the voters on the Hall of Fame Committee.

  3. Established optional procedure’s for absentee voting on Presidential caucuses. The use of this rule is up to the local Committee Chair.

Resolutions: all Resolutions submitted were passed and will be sent to the Legislature.

  1. Parents may choose which school to send their kids to

  2. Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) – remove from Obamacare

  3. Independent review of Technical review. IDOT holds fund and does not pay in a timely manner

  4. Oppose Common Core

  5. Support the Legislature in taking back public lands

  6. Oppose any further purchase of lands by the Feds

  7. Repeal the sales tax on food

  8. Push to get rid of caucus IF the governor and legislature approves a Primary in March instead of May

  9. Oppose

  10. Apportionment of Presidential delegates instead of winner takes all

  11. There is a law on the books now that says if a school district passes a temporary levee and that same exact levee passes four (4) elections, then the levee becomes permanent.

A proposed Resolution in support of Fully Informed Juries was read by Justin Goodman. A motion was made by Jon Menough and seconded by Clay Baker to pass this resolution along to Paul, Shannon and Sherry.

Becky Crea gave a report on a program entitled Rocky Mountain Heights in Colorado. The program showed how four (4) liberal families changed the state from conservative to a liberal state.


  • Mark Frei was sworn in on January 12th and then went home to participate in the delivery of a baby girl into his family

  • Jim Chmelik was elected chairman

A video was shown titled Demystifying the Judicial Branch.

A motion was made by Clay Baker and seconded by Deanna Hall. The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted by:

Patricia Menough



Idaho County Republican Central Committee
Out of November 18, 2014

The Idaho County Republican Central Committee meeting was called to order by Vice President Clay Baker at 6:05 p.m. in the Super 8 Motel Meeting Room in Grangeville, Idaho on November 18th 2014 with 15 out of 27 Central Committee members present. This constituted a quorum. There were also 13 visitors.

A prayer was given by George Casteel and the pledge was recited.

The minutes of the October 2014 meeting were read. There were no corrections. Deanna Hall made a motion to accept with a second by Thomas Igo. The minutes stand as read.

Clay Baker gave a review of the movie Blue that was shown at the October meeting and stated that it was very good and all should make an attempt to watch this movie.

A discussion followed concerning the election outcome and the various editorials/letters in the Free Press.

The Treasurers report.


  • A letter from the Secretary of State’s Office was received. We are being assessed a $50 fine for not filing a report. Deanna tried to contact them to show that she had sent the report prior to the deadline and was stonewalled. Clay Baker will contact and argue the point that we did send in this report prior to the deadline.
  • The Committee received a thank you note from Mark Frei for our campaign contribution.
  • A survey was rec’d from the Freedom Foundation. Clay will talk to Marge about filling out and returning this survey.

Old Business:

  • Mary Adler shared that Paul Shepherd and Sherry Nuxolls resolutions are being rewritten and will be presented ________________________
  • The right of a child to have natural parents – Sherry’s
  • Legal right requiring schools to provider Bible based courses if three or more students request them – Sherry’s
  • A resolution calling for the reinstatement of the marriage definition – Paul’s

New Business:

  • A discussion concerning the cancelling of the December Committee meeting. A motion was made by Donna Wassmuth and seconded by Deanna Hall. The motion carried. The December meeting is cancelled.
  • There will be a meeting by Sherry Nuxoll to give a report of her attendance at the National Pro Family Legislation Conference in Texas. This meeting will be on November 25th at 7:00 p.m. at the Super 8 Conference Room.
  • The Lincoln Day Dinner speakers were presented. We have a choice between Christ Troupis or Steve Yates. Christ would be speaking on Common Core – what to do now and Steve would be talking on Security. A discussion followed on the various choices. Jon Menough made a motion that we ask Christ Troupis and Mary seconded that motion. By a show of hands, the vote was 12 to 4 in favor of the motion.
  • There was a discussion of Scott Perrin’s essay that Marge Arnzen forwarded via email to Committee members. Scott stated he had sent a copy to Raul Labrador and is currently awaiting his response.

Commissioners Report

  • Skip thanked the Committee for its support.
  • Mark is currently in Moscow, ID attending a school on County Finances
  • DEQ has new regulations proposed for landfills. If these go through the cost to the County will go up. The regs concern garden waste.
  • The County Commissioners agreed to contribute to the Lands Council.
  • It does not make sense to sell our lands.
  • Doing so loses 95% of our revenue
  • Scott Perrin asked what the basis was for the new DEQ regs being suggested. Were they Toxicology based or concern for fish and water. And where can we find a copy to read
  • Jon Menough said that
  • the EPA drives all these things and
  • that the EPA is under orders by Congress to make new rules every five years.
  • Skip said we need to put pressure on the DEQ to keep these regs from becoming the law.
  • A discussion followed.

Guest Speaker:
Dan Proskine, a concerned American and businessman from Kamiah, spoke the origins of the Constitution.

A motion was made by Deanna Hall and seconded by Jon Menough to adjourn the meeting and the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

Happy Thanksgiving to all,
Respectfully Submitted by:
Patricia Menough

Idaho County Republican Central Committee
October 21, 2014

The Idaho County Republican Central Committee Meeting was called to order by Chairman Marge Arnzen at 6:10 p.m. in the Super 8 Motel Meeting Room in Grangeville, Idaho on October 21st with 13 out of 27 Central Committee members present. A quorum was present.

A prayer was given by Jon Menough and the pledge was recited.

A motion was made by Jon Menough and seconded by Deanna to accept the minutes of the September meeting. 

Idaho County Republican Central Committee

May 27, 2014


The Idaho County Republican Central Committee Meeting was called to order by Chairwoman Marge Arnzen at 6:10 p.m. in the Super 8 Motel Meeting Room in Grangeville, Idaho on May 27, with 21 out of the 24 Central Committee members present. John Menough led the opening with prayer and the Pledge was led by Marge.


The minutes of the April meeting were read and corrected.

Idaho County Republican Central Committee

April 15, 2014

The April Idaho County Republican Central Committee Meeting was called to order at 6:05 p.m. by Chairman Marge Arnzen. The meeting was opened with prayer lead by Jon Menough and following was The Pledge was led by Chairman Arnzen. There were 15 committee members present and 20 guests. The March minutes were accepted as e-mailed with spelling errors corrected.

Candidates running for Offices in Idaho County were introduced.

Each spoke, and speaking were:

  • Cody Funk: Coroner,
  • Abbie Hudson: Idaho County Treasurer
  • Deanna Hall: Idaho County Treasurer
  • James Zehner: County Assessor
  • Kathy Ackerman: County Clerk/Auditor
  • Mark Frei: County Commissioner District#2
  • Skip Brandt, County Commissioner Disrict. #1
  • John Eynon, Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • District Court Judge: Judge Brudie.


The RCC Meeting began at about 6:30, following the presentations.

The Treasurers report shows, we have $8,220.94 at this time.

Chairwomen Marge Arnzen noted that the Candidate Forum would be at the Senior Center on May 3, beginning at 12 noon, and running to about 3:00. The Hang Out in Cottonwood will supply food for the Forum for approximately 50 people. The Central Committee is asked to supply cookies. Moved and seconded we spend up to $200 for food on May 3

Joan Mider reported that Integrity in Government Pac.wants to put out photo flyers for 6 Republican Candidates for state offices. There was much discussion and it was noted that these flyers will be inserted in the Money Saver and Shopper. This should have Clearwater, Nezperce and Idaho Counties well covered. A motion was made for the ICRCC to have 20,000+ printed and distributed next week. The cost of these campaign flyers to the Central committee will be about $2,000. It was moved seconded and carried we contribute $2,000 to this project, and this would also be assisting the Clearwater County and the Pack toward covering expenses. 

Campaign Yard signs were distributed, plus many candidate brochures.

Skip Brandt, Idaho County Commissioner reported there had been a telephone hearing last week on the Garbage Lawsuit. They are awaiting a decision.

The next meeting, our reorganization meeting, will be on May 27 th at the Super 8.

Betty Alm, Secretary ICRCC.

Idaho County Republican Central Committee
Feb. 18, 2014

The Feb. 18 Meeting of the Idaho County Republican Party was called to order by Chairman Marge Arnzen at 6:05 with 14 committee members present and 7 guests. The opening prayer was led by Jon Menough and Marge led the Pledge to the Flag.

Minutes of the Jan. 21, 2014 meeting were approved as received by e-mail.
Treasurer's report: $3,231.98 on hand.

Idaho County Auditor/Clerk Kathy Ackerman noted the March 3-14 are the candidate filing dates. She spoke briefly of the article in last week’s papers about party affiliation.

Lincoln Day March 8:

Set up at Greencreek Hall will begin at 1:00. It needs to be completed by 4:00p.m.

The catering permit is completed. White and Red wines will be served.

Becky Crea noted that we have approximately 14 items for the Auction.

Announced also that there have been no responses from elected officials invited to attend except for Senator Risch. He is unable to attend, but will send a representative.

Donna Wassmuth has been sending articles to the local papers. One week before the Lincoln Day Dinner Marge will purchase ads in local papers for ICRCC.

Candidate Forums:
On May 2 we will host a Meet and Greet for State officers at Grangeville Senior Center. Becky Crea will make the reservation.

Local candidates will be in attendance at our April 15 ICRCC Meeting at Super 8.

Patriot Academy:
Judy Lacates is putting out letters promoting the Patriot Academy to local high schools. She will also contact 50 home school families by E-mail.

Two letters were read, one from Russ Fulcher, candidate for Governor, and a thank you from the Patriot Academy for our $575 contribution to the Patriot Academy.

Legislative Bills:
Mary Adler noted Russ Fulcher has two bills going to the Legislature one to bring Common Core under control, and Bill 1343 Requiring Legislative approval for Multi-State Consortium in Federal Government Contracts.

Representative Paul Shepherd is asking for support for House Concurrent Resolution 41.

Sheriff Doug Giddings was complimented on his presentation in Boise, he stated what all should pay attention to House Bill 426 & 427.

Idaho County Commissioner Skip Hall said the county is rather quite at this time.

We then met our Mystery guest: Russ Fulcher, as he made the response to Governor
Otter’s State of the State Address. The address was on a CD.

Toward the end of the meeting and some members had left, there was interesting
discussion with Rodney Krogh who was a guest to our meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30.

The next meeting will be March 18, at Super 8, Grangeville, Id.

Betty Alm


January 21, 2014 Minutes for Idaho County Republican Central Committee (ICRCC) Meeting

The Idaho County Republican Central Committee with 15 committee members present and twelve guests was called to order at 6:00p.m. by President Marge Arnzen. John Menough led the opening prayer, and Marge lead the Pledge to the Flag.
Mary Adler introduced John Eynon as “a man for our time”. John is running for Idaho State Superintendent of Education. He has been married for 41 years, and he and his wife have two married sons. He is well versed in Education in many areas. He has 15 years
of teaching experience. In 1997 he was chosen Teacher of the Year in Idaho County Schools. He is also a USA Retired Navy Commander, and while in the Navy received many awards.

Why specifically is he running? John said he is running as a Concerned Grandfather. Also he has been asked to do so by parents, teachers and with encouragement from Idaho County Republicans.

What are the Issues? Number one is that voices of parents are being disregarded in Proposition 1, 2, &3. Student privacy and security needs to be strengthened. He will support private ownership of lands, and if elected would sit on the State Land Board. He questions ASPEC purchasing; He is opposed to Common Core. He wants to see Idaho solutions for Idaho Students. He is prolife, and supports the second amendment.

It was also noted that Jim Chmelik will announce on Feb. 1 that he is running for Idaho State Lieutenant Governor.

The December minutes were approved as e-mailed.
Treasurers Report. We began the month with $4,935.37. After the bills were paid we had $4,409.98. We will send two payments of $589 equaling $1178.00 to Idaho State GOP. This is the remainder of the money we have been assessed by the ID GOP.

John Menough, State Committeeman attended the Winter State Central Committee Meeting in Boise Jan. 3 & 4, 2014. He reported that the Rules Committee is staying with the “Caucus”. He feels the state is moving in the right direction. Jim Chmelik received the Idaho GOP Hall of Fame Award for “Outstanding Elected Official” on his efforts with the Lands Issue.

It was also announced that Jim Chmelik will announce on Feb. 1 that he is running for Lieutenant Governor.
Lincoln Day Dinner

The LDD dinner will be held at Green Creek Community Hall beginning at 5:00 p.m. with a social hour. And food will be served beginning at 6:00 p.m. The meat will be Italian steak... Guest Speakers are Elizabeth Allen Hodge; Idaho Patriot Academy and
Wayne Hoffman speaking on the Health Exchange. Chairman of various tasks, Caterer is
Nancy Arnzen; Becky Crea, Bar & organizer of the Auction items; Sally Baker,
Decorations, Donna Wassmuth, Tickets; Printed Program, Betty Alm; 50/50 Raffle
tickets sold at the door, Dianna Hall. During the Social Hour the candidates will be
invited to meet and greet the banquet attendees. It was finally decided the RCC will
bring bars or cookies for dessert. Ticket cost is $45 per couple and $25 for single under
18, $15. These prices are unchanged from 2013.

Mary Adler, on Common Core: She and a group met with several legislators, in fact
twice. There is a forum tomorrow, (Jan. 22) at 3:00 in Boise in the Joint House, roll
playing will be three supporting CC and 3 opposed. There is also a bill in both House
and Senate to withdraw from SBAC tests and Senator Steven Thayn is the author.

Commissioner Skip Brandt congratulated Jim C. and John E.as they step into a world of
politics. Commissioner Brandt noted that garbage collection is going well. Walco has
appealed the judges ruling, the next decision will come Feb. 24, 2014.

Also on Feb. 2, at 1:30 p.m. the Dredge Mining Hearing will take place against the EPA, which is wrong on this issue. He encourages attendance at this hearing.

Kevin Cvitko will take over the ICRCC web page. Don Fletcher is helping him. Kevin
will be added to the contact list. His e-mail address is Kevin Cvitko This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . He
encourages all to visit this website.

Also Russ Fulcher is running for Governor and Lawrence Denny is running for Secretary
of State.

The next meeting will be Feb. 18.
Betty Alm

Idaho County Republican Central Committee
December 17, 2013
The Idaho County Republican Central Committee with 14 committee members present and five guests was called to order at 6:10 by President Marge Arnzen. Morris Seubert led the opening prayer, and Marge lead the pledge to the Flag.
Commissioner Skip Brandt introduced Speaker Jim Clapperton who spoke as a representative of the State of Idaho Lands Management Department.
 Jim informed us that the State Lands are divided into two levels; one is Idaho State Lands the other Endowment Lands. The State lands have been reorganized in the last year and Tom Schultz is the new director.
 The reorganization is helping them to better fight fires on Idaho State Forests. In this roll the goal is to put fires out. Fire repression is paid by the tax payers.
 Idaho State Endowment Lands were granted to the state when Idaho was organized. The primary beneficiary is the public schools. The money generated for schools comes from timber sales. When the funds come they go to a fund, and only the interest is to be spent. The base endowment funds are left to grow and grow to benefit other endowments. 247 Million Board feet are harvested annually. For the last five years they have been harvesting old growth timber called pulp.
The December ICRCC Minutes were approved as mailed.
So far $250 has been donated for the Idaho Patriot Academy Scholarship. The Central Committee will add an additional $250 to this amount. $400 will be given to a student.
Treasurers Report: The amount on hand is $4,965.77. Moved seconded and carried that two bills be paid, one for Meeting Room Thank You Poinsettia sent to Super 8, $31.79 and to Don Fletcher for web site monitoring $124.00.
Scott Carlton a guest was introduced; he is the new Nezperce County Republican Central Committee Chairman and also a representative for Rual Labrador.
Lincoln Days will be on March 8 at Green Creek Community Hall. . Nancy Arnzen will cater the meal, consisting of Italian Steaks with trimmings. Cost of tickets is $25 single and $45 double. Sheriff Doug Giddings will be Master of Ceremonies. Speakers will be and Wayne Hoffman Idaho Freedom Foundation and Elizabeth Hodges for the Patriot Academy, the central committee will bring desserts to be auctioned off. Committees needed are bar, advertising and tickets and decorations. Becky Crea volunteered to do the bar.
Bob Neugebauer newsletter and blog publisher of the Gen State Patriot is looking for people to write letters. With many issues coming up it would be good to turn the propaganda around and write letters to the newspapers beforehand and also to our legislators. If you want to volunteer to write letters contact Russ Smerz,
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. He will provide you with a list and address for most Idaho Newspapers.
Idaho State Republican Convention is in Boise at the Riverside Hotel Jan. 3&4.
Mary Adler spoke of a “Common Core Pause Bill” which has been given to Paul Shepherd, and he will take a look at it. He is on the Education Committee.
Announcement of Nezperce Lincoln Days is Feb. 7.
Meeting adjourned at 7:30 Light refreshments were served.
Betty Alm

Idaho County Republican Central Committee

November 19, 2013

The November meeting of the Idaho County Republican Central Committee was called to order at 6:10p.m. by Pres. Marge Arnzen at the Super 8 Meeting Room in Grangeville, Idaho.

Central Committee Member Judy LeCates, introduced guest speaker Elizabeth Allan Hodge. Elizabeth is the State Director for the Idaho Patriot Academy, Her objective is to teach students the proper role of government, impart the moral imperative of standing on principle over politics, and stress the signifance of Oath of Office.

Idaho County Republican Central Committee

January 8, 2013

The January meeting of the Idaho County Republican Central committee was called to order by Chairman Marge Arnzen at 6:05 p.m. An opening prayer was given by Jim Chmelik. The Pledge was led by Marge.

Roll Call was taken with 18 present.

Treasurers Report by Dianna Hall shows a balance of $1,022.32 for the ICRCC.

Jim Chmelik gave a presentation on “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”. He has spent many hours studying this issue and found it very difficult to comprehend; this health care issue is horribly complicated.

Idaho County Republican Central Committee

October 16, 2012

Chairwoman Marge Arnzen introduced Wayne Hoffman of the Idaho Freedom Foundation from Boise to speak about ObamaCare. He said Health Insurance Exchanges is the big problem right now. Wayne says there is a lot of Bureaucracy. He says we need to stop the implementation of it. On Oct. 26th the foundation will recommend to Governor Otter not to do the Health Insurance Exchanges. It cost 77 million to do the exchanges. He suggested our committee write our own resolution to stop State Health Insurance Exchanges. He believes it will collapse on itself. Also Medicaid expansion, there is no money for it. Wayne was asked what to do about the cost of health care? He said the Government needs to get out of Healthcare. And if large numbers of people show up in Boise at the time the discussion makes a big difference. You can go to Idaho Freedom.net to learn more.

Idaho County Republican Central Committee

September 18, 2012

Chairwoman Marge Arnzen called the September Meeting to order at 6:10. All recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll call was taken with 10 present. Minutes were approved as sent by e-mail.

Treasurers Report: Deanna Hall noted that we went in the hole $1,162.40 on the Meet and Greet. The treasury now has $5,354.00.

After much discussion, a motion was made and seconded that we place a check for $72 in the treasury. This money with stubs had come in late and was not included in the drawing for the gun.

The money for the ‘most gun sales’ was won by John Solburg. His wife Shirley had also won the $150 given away at the Meet and Greet. The Solberg’s wanted the money to go to the Mitt Romney campaign and so an extra $55 was added by others. The total to go to Romney will be $325.

Idaho County Republican Central Committee

July 17, 2012

The Idaho County Republican Central Committee July 17 meeting was called to order at  6:05 by Chairman Marge Arnzen. The chairman then led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

There were 16 committee members present and 8 guests.

Approved. There was no treasurer’s report.

Idaho County Republican Central Committee

Reorganization Meeting

May 23, 2012

The Republican Central Committee Meeting began at 6:03 in the County Commissioners Meeting Room at the Court House in Grangeville on May 23, 2012. There were 8 guests and 22 members of the committee present.

The meeting was opened with prayer lead by Lott Smith. Chairman Marge Arnzen announced that this is our Reorganization Meeting then continued by leading the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. 

The Republican Central committee Meeting began at 6:03 in the meeting room at Super 8 in Grangeville, Idaho. Present were were 20 committee members and 5 visitors.

The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance lead by Chairman Marge Arnzen.

The May minutes were read and corrected. The gun raffle is September 15 not Sept 19.

Marge gave the treasures report in the absence of Jolene Rupp. On hand is $3,954.16.

Correspondence: From Norm Semanko Chairman of the Idaho GOP. He thanked the Central Committee for the $1000 quota we had made.


Idaho County Republican Central Committee Meeting
March 20, 2012

The Republican Central committee met March 20 in Grangeville, Idaho.

A educational program on Recycling in Idaho County was presented with a 10 minute DVD.
It presented a brief outline of events since inception.This service began on Oct 31, 2008.
Shelley Dumas and Mary Fluharty spoke about its success.

The Central committee also analyzed the Caucus held on March 6.  Discussions were held which concerned
the planning for the next one in four years. For sure it will be held it in several areas in Id. County.

The public is invited to attend the next meeting on April 17.  The Republican Candidates, District 7 and
Idaho County  will be present to speak. The meeting will begin at 6:00 p.m. in the Super 8 Meeting room, Grangeville.

Also the Republican Central Committee now has a website at www:idahocountyrepublicanparty.org.
Do check it out.  Betty Alm, Secretary


The ICRCC met January 24, 2012 at the Super 8 Hotel Meeting Room.

There were 15 committee members present, and 12 guests. Also welcomed was Katie Higgins, our web site designer and manager.

Minutes were read, and then corrected by Idaho County Sheriff Doug Giddings who suggested a change with regards to the law enforcement issue with the Forest Service. It should read; the countys jurisdiction would not change, the forest service would expand.

Treasurers report: $2,239.50. We have paid $500 in attorney fees to help fund the fight over the redistricting issue.

Old Business:

We have received only two donations to our Community Core Supporter drive. We will carry on; and leave it at $250.

Lincoln Day Dinner, Feb. 25: Tickets were distributed, and all are encouraged to sell 5 tickets. Featured Speaker will be Sheriff Doug Giddings; also present will be Idaho Congressman Raul Labrador, Superintendent Tom Luna, and Representatives for Senators James Risch and Mike Crapo. Marge has commitments for Auction items, but she needs a few more. Shane Arnzen will be auctioneer.

Old plan L87 has been declared unconstitutional. This committee is being reformed.

New Business:

The caucus has been moved from Super 8 to the Grangeville Elementary Cafetorium (old gym). Coffee, water and cookies will be served. Only Republican voting. Committee members' assistance will be needed. A Caucasus planning committee was formed; members are John Solberg, Eileen Uhlenkott and Marge Arnzen.

Mid-Year Meeting Report
Attending were State Committee Members John Solberg, Eileen Uhlenkott and Marge Arnzen. John noted that 11 resolutions were presented and 8 were adopted. He spoke of one resolution titled Suffrages for the Counties. If passed we would reinstate representation of one Senator for each county, and Representatives would still go by district population, that being two per district.

Upper Lochsa Land Exchange.
There were extensive informative discussions by all three commissioners on the Upper Lochsa exchange. As a show of support from the Central Committee we called a special session to meet Tues. the 31 of January for an Informative meeting with the commissioners and representatives of Rep. Raul Labrador and Senators Risch and Crapo. The meeting will be at 5:30 at Super 8.