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Elections 2012

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7 Incredible Personal Stories About Mitt Romney That You May Not Know

TownHall.com -- John Hawkins

Over the last few months, it has been absolutely stunning to see Mitt Romney, of all people, portrayed as some sort of greedy, ruthless, unfeeling corporate raider who plows over everyone who gets in his way so he can make a few dollars more. Of all the criticisms you could aim at Mitt Romney, there is none that has less validity than that one. In fact, the vast majority of people who read this column -- whether they're liberal, conservative, or moderate -- probably don't personally know a single person who has proven to be more generous and compassionate than Mitt Romney. Yes, really. It's okay if you're skeptical -- but, you won't be after you finish reading this column.

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Friday, 28 September 2012 17:36

Join The Fight!

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The time is NOW! Participate in the great experiment; began over 200 years ago in a small room in Philidelphia, preserved by the sacrified of patriots & heros, threatened daily by the apathy of the the good citizens of this great nation.

Protect your rights, your freedom and your liberty. Get involved and participate in the process.

Turn off the television, step away from the video games, put down the cell phone, and get out and get informed, get involved.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012 18:18

Union Misleading the Public

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Union Misleading the Public with Recent Ads

Boise, Idaho- Republican Party Chairman Barry Peterson is calling for the teachers’ union and their allies to take down misleading and erroneous television ads on education reform.

“The teachers’ union is running scared,” Peterson said. “They are intentionally misleading the public about education reform in Idaho. They know the ad is wrong, yet they knowingly produced it and continue to air it. Stop misleading the public, and take the ad down!”

Wednesday, 19 September 2012 13:01

Students Come First

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Get the Facts

Students Come First Speech, Tom Luna – June 2012


Idaho has embarked on comprehensively reforming our public schools to ensure we create a system where every student graduates from high school and not only graduates but goes on to postsecondary education and once there, they do not need remediation.

That is our ultimate goal. It’s lofty, but we know we can get there. And we know it’s critical if we are going to make sure our students have the skills and knowledge they need to compete in the 21st Century.

When it comes to education reform, Idaho is not alone.

About 30 states passed some form of education reform last year. More states – like Maine, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Iowa – have introduced or passed education reform efforts this year.


Students Come First Booklet

Wednesday, 12 September 2012 11:04

Education Propositions

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Unions Declare War on Idaho Kids!

Union bosses have declared war on education reform Two months ago while the world watched, the National Education Association (teacher's union) fought Governor Scott Walker's education reforms in Wisconsin. The kids won. The union lost.  Idaho is Next!